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The Book of Ties by David Mosconi

The Book of Ties by David Mosconi, fashion photographer, and Riccardo VILLAROSA, journalist

Tie Rack Ltd. (1985)

There is a wealth of interest and pleasure to be gleaned within the 190 pages of this superb “coffee table” book. It informs, amuses and gives comprehensive insight to knots for necks - their history and tying techniques. Ties - bow ties - cravats - scarves - kerchiefs - cords - strings - ribbons. Ready-made to D.I.Y. Whether you prefer the conventional old four-in-hand, or yearn to shock with something extravagant and bizarre, you will find the neckwear for you. There are abundant, fascinating archive black-&-white photographs of celebrities (wearing ties of one sort or another) from Kruschev, Valentino and Mussolini, to Johann Sebastian Bach and Garibaldi. Up-to-date colour plates of models pose in appropriate costume. The text is thoroughly researched and packed with information. Detailed tying instructions are included. This is a book for the avid knot tyer; but friends, relatives and other visitors will all want to browse through it.