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L’album des Noeuds by GeorgeMendoza

L’album des Noeuds by George Mendoza with illustrations by Jean-Paul COLBUS

Editions Fleurus (Paris), 1988.  ISBN 9782215010951

This beautiful slim hard-cover book is perhaps more for the coffee table than the workroom. Still it conveys the simple appeal of knots in use, while showing you clearly how to tie them, by means of superb colour drawings. Anyone would be pleased to own a copy but it is a trifle pricey for youngsters to buy themselves. The selection of knots is good and original, mixing common ones with others not used so much. Here is a Sheet Bend (Noeud D’Ecoute Simple) and a Turk’s Head (Bonnet Turc); a Round Turn & 2 Half- Hitches (Noeud de Tube and a Diamond Hitch (“Franglais” = Diamond Hitch); a Square Knot (Noeud Chinois) with a Transom Knot (Noeud de Traverse), Ashley’s #1693 (Amarre D’Escarpolette), Jar Sling (Courroie de Gourde) and Ashley’s #1687 (Amarrage Fantaisie). They are grouped for use by carpenters, cowboys, farmers and foresters, musicians, policemen, sailors, shopkeepers, and so on. Oh, yes ... and it’s all in French.