International Guild of Knot Tyers

Mac Mackenzie


I’ve had knots in my head from when I was 13 years old and visited HMS Victory in Portsmouth. On that day I discovered ABOK in the naval base souvenir shop and a couple of months later my mum bought it for my 14th birthday; I’ve been knotting ever since. An IGKT member for 25/30 years, first attending Tobacco Dock and Greenwich meetings. I now find myself on the other side of the world in Sydney Australia. My main interest over the years has been with Sold Sinnets (mainly with whipping twine but recently with larger stuff). Of late I’ve also started to turn my hand to Turk’s Heads and covering knots. For me it’s just a fascination. It’s also not always about hidden ends and functional usage, it’s more about a fascination with the weave and contrast between the organized knot and the loose ends. I love knots.